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You are now entering a world of the imagination...

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I have finally decided to post my 3D artwork.  Here you will find samples of my art, for your viewing pleasure, and a lists of requests and other facts about the artist (me) and my work....

Our Progress...

Current Updates!!


12/18/2006- VexonArt is born!

12/18/2006- Added new pictures to site 

12/20/2006- New picture added to site 

 12/21/2006- Two new pictures added to site

 02/21/2007- New pictures added, more to be added daily!

Quick listing of prices for my art...

 Star Wars
Fantasy Military Portrait 
Poser Only
 Original and requests Original and requests  Original and requests
 Original and requests
 $5.00 and up
$5.00 and up
$5.00 and up
$7.00 and up

Helpful links

Here are a few sites that helped me get my start into the world of art. Please feel free to browse them (some require free memberships), but all are very helpful in getting that budding 3D artist going. Enjoy them as I did, and I'm sure you will be on your way to making amazing works of art!